How to Attach Fabric to Purse Frames

Updated February 21, 2017

Purse frames allow you to create structured handbags in a variety of styles and shapes. How you attach fabric to purse frames depends on the specifics of your frame. Frames may be glued into place, sewn onto the fabric of the purse or crimped onto the fabric with speciality or modified clamps. Whether you make a small change purse or use metal purse frames for a larger bag, it is critical to securely attach fabric to purse frames.

Measure your purse frame. Use your measurements to draft a square or A-line bag shape. Construct the outer part and lining for your purse separately, leaving an opening for turning in the lining. Stitch the lining and outer fabric together along the top. Trim seams and turn to the right side. Press, paying special attention to the upper seam.

Open up the purse frame. Spread a thin line of glue along the inside of one side of the purse frame. Use a toothpick or the tip of a bamboo skewer to spread the glue evenly.

Push the finished fabric edge into the frame, starting at one corner. Continue gently forcing the purse fabric into the metal purse frame. Allow the glue to dry before repeating the process with the other side of the purse frame.

Cut cork slightly larger than the surfaces of your locking clamps. Secure into place with adhesive if desired; however, you can simply allow the pressure of the clamp to hold the cork in position.

Apply locking clamps to the purse, using the cork to protect the metal purse frame from the clamps. Crimp the purse frame into position by tightening the clamps very securely into place.


Sew-on purse frames are commonly used for very small purses. Complete the purse, then stitch into place on the frame by hand.

Things You'll Need

  • Purse frame
  • Constructed fabric purse
  • Locking clamps
  • Cork
  • Strong all-purpose glue
  • Bamboo skewer or toothpick
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