What Is a PPP File Extension?

Updated July 20, 2017

File extensions determine what program a file is associated to and helps to identify the appropriate file format. In some cases, a file extension may be used by several programs, which may cause some confusion when trying to find the correct program to use to open a file.

PPP Extensions

The PPP file extension is created within Power Producer, which is a CD and DVD disk-authoring program. PPP files are usually related to home movies and are used when someone wants to share them with others. The PPP file format contains many levels of data regarding the video, image or audio files stored. This format is used for storing information to burn a disk.

Other Programs

There is always the possibility that the file extension was created by another program. Several other programs also create a PPP file extension. Programs such as Page Plus Publication by Serif and Parson Power Publisher are just two examples.

Finding the Proper Software

To open a file with the PPP file extension, it is important to verify which program the file was created with and then locate the appropriate program to open the file.

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