How to Install an Electric Car Antenna

Updated March 23, 2017

Electric car antennas provide an alternative to traditional immobile antennas. Electric antennas are hidden within the body of the vehicle and only rise when the car is running or the radio is turned on. They are especially popular with owners of sports cars who prefer a sleek look and do not want to see a bulky antenna when they are showcasing their vehicles. Electric antennas also make it much easier to store cars using cloth or vinyl covers as the antenna is no longer in the way.

Remove the existing antenna from the car by disconnecting the red, green and black wires of the antenna from the corresponding wires coming from the vehicle's radio.

Connect the new antenna using the three wires you disconnected from the original antenna: the black ground wire, the red 12-volt constant current wire, and the 12-volt green wire that will allow the antenna to only receive electricity if the radio is turned on.

Attach the antenna tube directly to the built-in antenna housing using brackets and screws which are usually included with the purchase of a new electric antenna. The tube is where the antenna will collapse when the radio is not in use.

Plug in the short length of coaxial cable located at the bottom of the tube, directly into the coaxial cable that runs from the radio. This will alert the green wire responsible for movement that the radio is in use.

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