How to Remove Moth Ball Smells From Wool Blankets

Updated June 18, 2018

Moth balls are used to keep moths and other animals at a distance. After the winter is over, you may store your wool blankets away in the attic. To keep them safe, you add a few moth balls to the container. The next winter, you go get your wool blankets only to discover that they have a strong moth ball odour. It is possible to get rid of the moth ball smell if you are willing to do a little work.

Hang your wool blanket out in the sun on a clothesline. The sun has the power to remove the moth ball odour from the wool blanket. You should let the blanket sit out all day. The sun can even get rid of mildew.

Fill a bathtub with cold water and then add two cups of vinegar. Make sure you use white vinegar so that you do not damage the colour of the wool blanket.

Set your wool blanket in the mixture and squeeze the fabric several times. This allows the vinegar water to get deep in to the fibres. Vinegar has the power to remove strong odours. It can also make wool a little softer to the touch.

Drain the tub and squeeze excess water out of the wool blanket.

Hang the blanket up to dry in the sun on a clothesline. Let it sit in the sun all day. The moth ball smell will then be eliminated.


Make sure you dispose of the moth balls as soon as you open the container. The moth balls will continue to affect any other garments in the area if you don't throw them away.


Be sure to read the washing instructions on the tag of your wool blanket. Some blankets are not machine washable.

Things You'll Need

  • Clothesline
  • Water
  • 2 cups of white vinegar
  • Tub
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