How to Change Hard Drives in a Sony Vaio Laptop

Updated April 17, 2017

Replacing your Sony Vaio's hard drive can take a little bit of patience and finesse. You are working with a very small space, so the process can be quite frustrating. Your hard drive's ease of removal depends on your laptop's model. Many models allow you to access the hard drive by unscrewing the cover from the hard drive slot, but others are much more complicated, requiring you to remove the case, keyboard and several other parts.

If your laptop does not allow you easy access to the hard drive, it's advised you seek a professional for assistance because you will be required to take the entire laptop apart in order to replace the drive. This requires a great deal of expertise, knowledge and special tools to perform.

Put on an anti-static wrist strap or ground yourself by touching a piece of unpainted metal. Static electricity can damage both the Sony laptop and your new hard drive.

Power down the Sony Vaio completely. Remove the AC adaptor and the battery. The battery's location depends on the model. If your battery is located on the side of the laptop, remove it by popping off the door and sliding the battery out. If it is located on the back, pull the battery's lever toward you and then slide the device out.

If you have not done so already, turn the Sony Vaio over so that the backside is on top. Unscrew the hard drive cover. Often it is located near the front of the laptop. Measurements may differ depending on how many drives it stores, as well as the laptop model.

Unscrew the hard drive from its holder, if necessary, and gently remove it from its slot, unplugging the cable connector from the motherboard.

Unplug the cable connected to the hard drive. The pins connected to the drive are very delicate, so be careful when removing the cable. Do not wiggle the cable back and forth since this can break or damage the pins. Unscrew the plate attached to the drive. Usually there are four screws, one on each corner.

Screw the new hard drive to the plate. Attach the hard drive cable to the new hard drive's pins. Slide the hard drive back into the hard drive slot, and connect the cable to the motherboard.

Make sure the hard drive and the connectors are secure. Screw the cover back on.

Power on your Sony Vaio. You may need to access the BIOS screen in order to make the laptop recognise the hard drive, although some laptops have auto-detect. From this point, you can configure the hard drive following the product's manual.

Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver
  • New hard drive
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