How to Remove Carpet Beetles

Updated February 21, 2017

Carpet beetles are common bugs that are found just about any place where they can find a source of food. Carpet beetles infest clothes, food, furs and---of course---carpets. Carpet beetles can cause serious damage. Quite often the item they invaded will have to be discarded. Getting rid of carpet beetles is not easy because of their ability to disperse and thrive in remote areas of a building. You remove carpet beetles with proper sanitation and insecticides.

Conduct a thorough search of where you think carpet beetles may be located. Look in (or on) chests, closets, boxes, clothes, upholstered furniture, carpets and rugs. Carpet beetles can also be found under baseboards and moulding.

Eliminate the sources of food for the carpet beetles. These food sources include items such as hair, lint, dead insects and other debris. Vacuum rugs, carpets and clothes to remove the beetle's larvae and eggs. Keep fabrics as clean as possible. Dry cleaning and hot water kills carpet beetles whether they are in their larvae, egg or adult stages. Protect items vulnerable to carpet beetles by placing them in airtight containers.

Throw away any items that are badly infested or should not be saved with even limited infestation. Any food should be immediately discarded.

Place salvageable items that have carpet beetle larvae and eggs in freezing temperatures for two days, if practicable. Clothing and carpeting can also be saved by dry cleaning and ironing.

Apply an insecticide to any area where you found the carpet beetles. Make sure the insecticide label says it will kill carpet beetles. Most of the most well-known insecticide products will work against carpet beetles. Follow the label instructions carefully. Apply a follow-up dose of the insecticide as recommended on the label.

Hire a professional exterminator in extreme cases.


Thoroughly clean any items before placing them in storage. Place items into a storage area that can be tightly closed. These areas include a chest or plastic container. Clean stored items on a periodic basis. The University of Florida IFAS Extension website recommends capturing carpet beetles with sticky fly paper that's been baited.


Throw away the vacuum bag after vacuuming items in which you found carpet beetles.

Things You'll Need

  • Vacuum
  • Air-tight containers
  • Insecticide
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