How to unlock the region codes on a DVD player

Updated March 23, 2017

DVD players are manufactured with codes, referred to as "region codes," which prevent the machine from recognising and playing DVDs from a different region. There are currently nine region codes. The United States, for example, is region 1, while England is in region 2. You can unlock the region code in your DVD player so you can watch a DVD from any region.

Find the brand name and model number of your DVD player. That information usually can be found on a sticker by the player's outputs or on the bottom; it also can be found on the player's original box.

Log onto the Internet.

Find a DVD hack website, such as, and log in to the site. This type of site offers hack codes for thousands of DVD players that will unlock the region on your player, essentially making it region free.

Input your DVD player's brand name and model number into the website's search engine. The code and instructions on how to use it will be provided.

Print out the instructions.

Turn on your DVD player, open the disc tray and leave it open, as most hacks require you to keep the tray open as you input the code.

Use the DVD player's remote control to enter the hack codes according to the website's instructions. Program the DVD player to either region code 0 or "All."

Test the DVD player by inserting a DVD from a foreign region into the player. The movie should play.

If the DVD does not play, repeat the steps.


If the DVD still does not play, look up a hack code for a DVD player model number similar to your model. Use that code to try to unlock the player.

Things You'll Need

  • DVD player
  • DVD player remote control
  • Internet access
  • Imported DVD
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