How to Play the iPod Touch Through Car Speakers

Updated July 20, 2017

One of the biggest advantages of any model of iPod---including the iPod Touch---is the players' ability to store thousands of songs in much less space than it would take if you were bringing CDs with you. By hooking your iPod Touch up to an adaptor, you are also able to listen to your music over your car speakers---meaning you can share your music with whomever you're with at a louder volume than offered by your headphones. How you play your iPod through your car speakers is largely determined by what kind of car stereo you have.

Connect the FM transmitter to your iPod touch by inserting the 3.5mm mini jack into the headphone jack on your iPod Touch.

Turn on the power on the FM transmitter.

Tune your car's radio to an unused FM radio frequency.

Use the up and down arrows on the right hand side of the FM transmitter to tune the transmitter to the same unused frequency.

Turn your iPod Touch on.

Select music to play on your iTouch just as you would if were listening to it with headphones on.

Connect the cassette adaptor to your iPod Touch by plugging the 3.5mm mini jack into the headphone jack on your iPod Touch.

Insert the cassette portion of the adaptor into your car's cassette player.

Turn your iPod Touch on.

Play music just as you would if you were listening with headphones.

Insert one end of the stereo cable into the headphone jack of your iPod Touch and the other into the mini jack on the front of your car stereo. This jack will be labelled "Audio In," "Auxiliary In," or something similar, and will depend on what kind of stereo you have.

Press the "mode" or "source" button on your car stereo until the display read "MP3 player," "Aux. In," or something similar. Again, this display readout will depend on the model of stereo you have.

Turn your iPod Touch on.

Play music in the same manner you would if you were listening to it with headphones.


The FM transmitter can, at times, pick up interference from radio stations trying to come through when you hit areas of better reception. To keep your signal strong, you may need to change channels.


Cassette adaptors, stereo cables, and FM transmitters (unless otherwise noted) do not charge your iPod Touch while it's playing. To keep your iPod Touch running for the duration of your trip, connect it to a car charger, or if you're using a FM transmitter, use one with a built-in charger.

Things You'll Need

  • FM transmitter
  • Cassette adaptor
  • 3.5mm mini stereo cable
  • Car stereo with FM radio, cassette player or audio input
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