How to Cut a Dryer Vent Through a Cinder Block Wall

When you move appliances into a new house, you may need to install an outside dryer vent. Most installations only go through an outside wood wall and siding. Installing dryer vents through a breeze block wall can be a little trickier. You will need to make the hole for the vent from inside first and then work on the outside. Once you know how to cut a dryer vent through a breeze block wall, you will have the outside dryer vent ready for your dryer.

Locate where you want to place the outside dryer vent. You should find the most direct route between the back of the dryer and the outside wall. Drill a 1/8-inch pilot hole in the inside wall. The inside wall is drywall so you can use a regular wood drill bit. Bend a metal clothes hanger 12 inches from the end at a 90-degree angle. Insert the 12-inch end into the hole in the wall and rotate the end around the hole to check for obstructions. If you hit an obstruction, you will need to find a different location.

Drill a 4-inch hole in the inside wall using a drill and a 4-inch hole saw; the pilot hole should be used as your centre mark. Pull out the cut piece of the wall and remove any insulation from around the hole area.

Insert a 1/4-inch masonry bit into the drill and drill a pilot hole through the block from inside. This way you will ensure that the outside vent hole will be in line with the inside hole.

Go outside and centre the outside vent pipe over the pilot hole and use a pencil to trace the pipe outline onto the block. Drill closely spaced 1/4-inch holes around the circumference of the trace mark with the drill and 1/4-inch masonry bits. The hole will resemble a perforated cutout.

Take a cold chisel and hammer to break the hole out of the block wall. A cold chisel is similar to a normal wood chisel except that the cold chisel is made of tempered steel. Place the blade of the chisel over the 1/4-inch holes and tap the end of the chisel with a hammer. Test-fit the outside dryer vent pipe into the hole and remove more block if necessary.


Stucco walls will have a steel mesh behind the stucco that you will need to snip with wire cutters.

Things You'll Need

  • Drill
  • 1/8-inch drill bit
  • Metal clothes hanger
  • 4-inch hole saw bit
  • 1/4-inch masonry bit
  • Cold chisel
  • Hammer
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