How to remove red dye from my hair

Updated February 21, 2017

Plenty of women (and men, too) have the unfortunate circumstance of dying their hair the wrong colour. A bigger mistake is when the hair is dyed yet another colour in hopes of covering up a bad hair colour. This can (and will) damage your hair. Over-dying hair can cause it to frizz, fray, fall out and feel like straw. In order to correct this mistake, the hair's pigment needs to be stripped. This will remove the dyed hair colour (along with the natural colour) and allow the hair to be dyed the colour of choice safely.

Purchase the product Colorzap from any beauty supply or chemist. Colorzap is a hair stripper that will strip the hair of the pigment. This has to be done to get the permanent dye out of the hair.

Combine the activator liquid into the remover powder bottle that comes in the Colorzap box.

Apply the pigment stripper over the hair. Massage the pigment stripper into the hair until it is saturated.

Allow the solution to set for the amount of time specified in the directions.

Wash out the pigment stripper thoroughly. Once the pigment (and dye) has been stripped, the hair will be an orange/gold colour. The pigment stripper will leave your safe to dye any colour of your choice.


To find your perfect shade, visit the Ladies' Home Journal website at


Wear old clothes to protect your skin and plastic/latex gloves to protect your hands.

Things You'll Need

  • L'Oreal Colorzap
  • Old clothes
  • Plastic gloves
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