How to Trace an Unknown Caller on a Cell Phone

Updated April 17, 2017

Phones have changed from land lines to cell phones, but unwanted calls are still an annoyance. Sometimes it's just a wrong number. But other times it's a telemarketer or salesperson. The fastest way to deal with an incoming call whose number you do not recognise is to not answer the call and let it go to voice mail. This will force the person to identify themselves when leaving a message. If the caller does not leave a message, you can still find out who was calling. Here's how.

On your phone, punch in the Star key following by 57. In some areas dialling 57 after an unknown call will identify the number where the call originated. In some cases 57 may be able to provide a name of the person or company that called. If *57 doesn't work in your area, check with your service provider; the proper code might be different where you live.

Ask you service provider if Anonymous Caller ID is available in your area. Anonymous Caller ID is a service that checks the authenticity of an incoming call. If the call coming in is from a blocked number, this service forces the caller to unblock their number to complete the call. Once the number has been unblocked, the number and often the name of the person or company will be seen on your Caller ID screen.

Talk to your service provider. If you find you are getting a lot of unknown calls, your service provider may be able to trace the calls and advise the person or company to stop calling. When you call your service provider, be prepared to give them your name and phone number, as well as the dates and times of the calls you would like traced.

Use a reverse lookup service. A reverse lookup service is an online service that allows you to enter a phone number to obtain information about the caller. Depending on the service, the information provided can be the person or company name of the caller as well as their address.


If you cant identify the unknown caller. try setting up a distinct ring or ringtone just for unknown calls. This will help you better identify unknown calls so you don't answer them.


Cell phone companies and reverse lookup services may charge a fee for providing information on a number. Make sure you are aware of all fees before authorising these services

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