How to Wear BTE Hearing Aids With Glasses

Updated February 21, 2017

BTE hearing aids are simply a style of hearing aid that sits behind the ear. Other styles include in-the-ear hearing aids and in-the-canal hearing aids. BTE hearing aids are optimal for children because they tend to sit more securely than other styles and because they can offer better sound amplification. However, for those that wear glasses, they can be a bit tricky to wear simultaneously.

Purchase a glasses frame that is thin. Something like a wire frame is optimal, as this is less likely to intrude upon the same ear space occupied by the aid.

Put the glasses securely on, ensuring that the ear-hook pieces are securely behind both ears.

Place the hearing aid behind the ear.

Insert the ear mould firmly into the ear. Ensure that the curves of the mould line up with the curves of the ear.

Ensure the tone hook is securely in place, connecting the ear mould and the hearing aid. This will help keep the aid secure.

Use SafeNSound clips to attach the glass frame to the hearing aid. The clip wraps around the back of the head, tightly securing both sets of aids and both sides of the glasses.


If you continue to have difficulty wearing both BTE hearing aids and eyeglasses, consider either switching to contact lenses or try a different hearing aid model, such as in-the-ear hearing aids.

Things You'll Need

  • Hearing aid
  • Ear mould
  • Tone hook
  • SafeNSound clips
  • Eye glasses
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