How to Marry a Capricorn Man

Updated February 21, 2017

The Capricorn male is at heart the most stoic and organised man of the zodiac. No matter what his outward appearance, inward he is cool, calm, logical and highly ordered. This man wants a mate that is also a good financial partner and one he perceives to be able to help him achieve his numerous goals. The Capricorn man, once in a committed relationship, is generally eager to marry, as this is the first step in many of his personal goals and often the beginning of meeting his financial goals as well. Capricorn men tend to make great husbands and fathers.

If you are still dating and trying to get Mr. Capricorn to propose, that's easy enough. Capricorn men in committed relationships are generally looking for the right time to marry. Mention the new tax incentives for married couples or talk about how two can live as cheaply as one and he will soon be down on one knee. Capricorn is the most practical of all astrological signs, and as long as the love is there, marriage is what makes sense to them.

Involve him in the planning. Capricorn men are usually great at organising everything from their desks to companies so they are great at helping with wedding logistics. A perfect role would be as a seating planner. They love to be in charge, and their logical thought processes will help make certain that the guests are comfortable with their seats.

Ask his opinions. Capricorn men have opinions on everything, even when they claim that they don't. Let him take over part of the planning or give him whatever roles he seems to want the most. You don't need to worry that he's going to go against your expressed wishes. The Capricorn man is not only logical and organised, he's thoughtful and sympathetic. He wants to start his marriage off on a positive note so he will not normally go against whatever it is that you most want.

Respect his choices. If you have given him an active role in planning and preparing for the marriage, don't go over what he has done and try to change it. If you have a valid argument, discuss it with him calmly. Undermining him is never a good idea. Capricorn's symbol is the goat because Capricorns are stubborn. Calm and rational reasoning works far better than emotional outbursts.

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