How to Move Norton Protection to a New Computer

Updated April 17, 2017

Norton Protection can help keep you safe from malicious viruses and users attacking your computer hard drive and files while you surf the Internet. Norton also blocks any websites that it deems suspicious. It is possible to transfer the Norton Protection software to a different computer. Moving your files along with the program takes time. By planning ahead and considering your options, you can move your files efficiently and easily.

Copy the program and files you want to transfer to another computer. Search for Norton on your computer by going to "Start" and "Search." Type Norton in the search bar and allow the computer to locate your files. Copy your files by highlighting the files with your mouse and right-clicking on "Copy."

Insert a CD-ROM or flash drive into your computer. Paste your files onto the flash drive or CD-ROM. Take it out and insert it into the new computer. Paste the Norton protected files onto your new computer's hard drive. Save them in a safe place.

Install Norton Protection onto your new computer. This is suitable for those who have the installation CD and do not want to take the time to copy and paste their Norton files. Insert the CD into your new computer and follow the set-up guide.

Link two computers into a network. Connect them with a network adaptor and crossover cable found at most computer and office supply stores. If both computers have a network, you should have an easy time transferring your Norton protected files.

Find websites that back up your files online. These services keep your information safe and allow for transfers onto other computers. Examples of these websites include Choose Carbonite, HP Upline or IDrive. These services require a monthly fee to back up your information.


Some versions of the Norton software may not work on newer operating systems. Check your software's system requirements before backing up, copying or installing the program. Back up your files every time you use the program. Without a copy, you will not be able to back up the information to your new computer.

Things You'll Need

  • Norton Installation CD
  • Flash drive or CD-ROM
  • Network adaptor and crossover cable
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