How to make fold-up beds

Updated March 23, 2017

Fold-up beds, technically known as Murphy beds, are beds that fold up into the wall. They are advantageous for rooms that do not feature much area because they conserve space during the day. The idea behind the concept is that you use beds at night and not during the day, so tucking them away out of sight allows you to utilise more space in your home. Fold-up beds are beneficial when used correctly, which includes knowing how to make one. If you do not make a fold-up bed correctly, it may not fold up properly.

Stretch the fitted sheet over all four corners of the mattress of the fold-up bed. The ends of the fitted sheet that contain the elastic completely across them are the ones that stretch over the width of the top and the bottom of the mattress. The sides of the fitted sheet that contain a break in elastic fit against the length of the sides of the mattress.

Place the top sheet over the fitted sheet so that it lies evenly across the mattress. The end of the top sheet that contains the seam goes at the top of the mattress. Tuck the excess sheet under the mattress, beginning at the bottom corners of the bed. Lift the mattress slightly with one hand, and slide the top sheet evenly beneath the mattress with the other.

Place the comforter atop the mattress in the same manner as you did the top sheet. Tuck the comforter beneath the mattress. Lift the bottom of the fold up bed, and fold it up into the wall out of sight.


Place a rug over the area from which the fold-up bed folds out to prevent the floor from becoming scratched if it is hardwood or worn if it is carpet.


Beware of attempting to place a thick, heavy comforter atop the fold-up bed. A bulky comforter may prevent the fold-up bed from completely folding into the wall.

Things You'll Need

  • Fitted sheet
  • Top sheet
  • Comforter
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