How to use a cordless phone for intercom system

Cordless phone systems enable extensive convenience and mobility around a home. When you have a cordless phone system with multiple handsets, you have the added convenience of placing telephone handsets in a variety of rooms that might not have telephone jacks. These handsets only require that you plug the base into an electrical socket, and then every handset operates from the same main base that you must plug into a phone jack. An added feature of cordless phone systems with multiple handsets is the ability to use the handsets as an intercom system.

Plug the central base unit of the cordless telephone system into the phone jack and into an electrical socket.

Plug the handset bases into electrical sockets in various rooms throughout the house. This might include the upstairs areas, the basement areas and even the heated garage areas.

Remove a handset from a base (either the central base or a handset base) and make sure the line is not in use. If a light indicates the line is in use, wait until the light is not on. Press the intercom button to call another handset when the "Line in Use" light is not on. The other auxiliary handsets will ring and you will be able to contact someone who is in another area of your home.

Speak into the handset in the same fashion as you would when making a telephone call. To conclude your intercom conversation, either press the intercom button again or press the "Disconnect" button on the handset (this method will vary with cordless phone brands).

Return the handset to the base to ensure it stays charged.

Things You'll Need

  • Cordless telephone system (with at least one extra handset)
  • Phone jack
  • Electrical sockets
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