How to Use Ash on Gray Hair

Updated February 21, 2017

Gray hair is a common problem experienced with old age. However it can also happen due to stressful lifestyles, inappropriate diet, and excessive exposure to chemical hair treatments. But yoga and ayurveda offer methods for dealing with this grey hair through natural treatments. One of the most common treatments for healthy hair is garlic husk ashes. It's safer and more economical than chemical hair colouring. It converts grey hair into black gradually, and enhances the general health of the hair, too. This simple process ensures natural covering of grey hair, without any chemical dyes.

Collect garlic husk instead of throwing it away in the dustbin. Garlic is commonly used in most kitchens and you can use the husks for hair treatments instead of disregarding them as useless chaff. Accumulate them over days or simply buy ample garlic and peel it.

Sauté the husk. Take the garlic husk or chaff in the required quantity. Heat a frying pan or bowl, and sauté the garlic chaff in it on a low flame. There is no need put oil or water in this pan; just allow the heat to work on the husk.

Make ashes. Stir the husk in the pan till it turns black, and gets converted to ashes. Keep the ashes on a low flame and ensure that the husk cooks on a slow pace. The ashes heated on low flame produce the best results for preventing the greying of hair.

Allow the husk to cool naturally. Once it becomes cool, you can sieve it with the help of a fine cotton or muslin cloth. The residue should be thrown away, while you collect the remaining fine powder.

Make oil. Preserve the husk powder in a washed and dried glass bottle. Next, take olive oil in a separate container, and put about 1/4 tsp of the husk powder to this oil. Mix it well, and then cover the vessel or container. Allow this mixture to stand for seven days, without moving the container.

Apply the oil after seven days by massaging it into the hair and scalp. Keep it in overnight and then wash it out the next morning. It is best to apply the oil in circular and slow motions so that you are able to stimulate blood circulation.


Allow the garlic husk to heat only on low flame. Don't shake the bottle with oil and husk mixture for seven days. Keep oil overnight for best results


Heating husks on a very high flame will not produce the desired results.

Things You'll Need

  • Garlic husk of about 15 cloves
  • 100ml olive oil
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