How to Remove Vertical Blinds From a Track

Updated March 23, 2017

Vertical blinds are attractive, durable and often easier to clean than smaller conventional horizontal blinds. They are available in fabric, vinyl, canvas, wood, pleated, split bamboo and even paper, giving homeowners a variety of decorating options that are stylish and affordable. Occasionally, you may wish to remove vertical blind vanes from their track for replacement, repair or cleaning. Luckily, vertical blind tracks are equipped with quick-release mechanisms, allowing you to remove and replace vanes in a snap.

Use the metal chain on your vertical blinds to rotate them into a fully-opened position. The vanes should be opened perpendicularly to the track line.

Climb onto a chair or small step ladder so you can reach the top of the track easily.

Slide a credit card or similarly sized piece of sturdy plastic in between the vane and the top plastic clip that holds the vane in place.

Apply light pressure to the plastic clip with the card to push it open.

Slide the vane slowly out from the clip, using a downward motion to remove it.


Grasp the vane firmly when opening the clip to stop the vane from sliding on the track.

Things You'll Need

  • Chair or small step ladder
  • Credit card
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