How to Recognize a Libra Man

Updated April 17, 2017

When you see an attractive man standing at the other end of the room, sometimes you cannot help but wonder what his Zodiac sign is. After all, knowing his sign will allow you to determine whether you two are compatible. If you are hoping he is a Libra but you do not want to ask him right away, look for clues in his clothing, speech, and presence.

Confer with a friend and agree to initiate an argument in front of the gentleman in question. According to author Linda Goodman, a Libra male with step in to fairly arbitrate the disagreement after carefully weighing both sides.

Ask him about his career. "The Hindi Book of Astrology" states that Libra males tend to be very intellectual and are drawn to professions such as writing, lecturing, and teaching. Libra males are also shrewd businessmen.

Listen to the way that he talks to women. According to well-known New York astrologers Stella Starsky and Quinn Cox, Libra males are charming and love to sweet-talk their female companions.

Observe the type of women he attempts to woo. Libra men gravitate toward intellectual, independent women who can hold their own in a conversation about international events and recent book releases.

Test his turn-offs. Make an offhand reference to subjects like credit card debt and jealousy. Libra males will find these traits highly unattractive when looking for a mate.

Ask him about his favourite haunts. According to author Thelma Balfour, Libra males prefer to spend their time in classy establishments where people wear dress slacks and tasteful dresses rather than flip-flops and cargo shorts. And since this is the attire worn at his favourite lounges and restaurants, you can expect Libra men to wear dapper outfits.


Being a good listener will be a trait that will attract a Libra male because they love to talk and share their personal opinions about art, restaurants, books, cologne, designer clothes, and so on. When you do get a word in edgewise, be sure to make it something insightful or thought-provoking to keep his attention.


Libra males act like, and expect to be treated like, they are members of high society. Be wary of taking a Libra male to an establishment that he might consider déclassé. Some Libra males are self-assured to the point of being snobby. Be on the lookout for the overly-confident Libra male if you do not want to be judged constantly.

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