How to Get a Pisces Man

In the world of dating, any inside information about a man's personality traits, likes and dislikes can be invaluable. You can go to his best friend and his coworkers, or you can look to his astrological sign as a way to learn a more about your next potential mate. If your latest love interest was born between February 19 and March 20, he is a Pisces.

Approach him. The Pisces sign is represented by two fish that seem to be constantly swimming in different directions. This is the soul of a Pisces man. One minute, he will seem charismatic and approachable. Then suddenly, he will appear awkward and socially inept. You may have to be the one to ask him out Pisces first. Otherwise, you will be waiting forever for him to make the first move.

Let him help you through a crisis by being your shoulder to cry on. Pisces is a feminine sign, which will make your man more sensitive and passive. He will not want an aggressive woman who is overly dramatic and confrontational. Pisces are generally also very kind and sympathetic toward the people in their life.

Create an artistic adventure. Pisces men are artistic and creative. They also have a sense of adventure and a zest for life. You can appeal to both of these traits by inviting him on a whirlwind trip to explore the museums of Italy. If this is too lofty an aspiration for your budget, why not simply ask him to a local film festival or gallery opening? Either way, your Pisces man will be impressed by your own willingness to take a break from the routine of everyday life.

Be sensitive. Life with your Pisces man will not always be exotic locales, wine and roses. Pisces by nature can be secretive and easily manipulated. To land a man with these traits, you will need to be sensitive to his shortcomings and also willing to overlook them. If you are not a fan of occasional weakness, a Pisces man may not be your cup of tea.


Treat each person as an individual and do not label them solely by their astrological symbol. What is true of one Pisces may not be true of another.

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