How to glue felt for a pool table

Updated February 21, 2017

Proper assembly of a pool table is the only way to ensure a fair and fun game. This can become especially important when attaching the felt to your pool table. An uneven attachment or stretch of your pool table felt can lead to random bumps and turns in the path of the pool balls that can ruin all your games. Gluing your pool table felt to the table slate can take some time and patience, but knowing how to do it properly will protect all of your future games.

Purchase pool table cloth spray from a hardware store or sporting speciality store.

Begin attaching the cloth on one of the short ends of the pool table. Spray adhesive onto the slate tabletop five to six inches from the edge of the pool table. Spray the area of the cloth that you will attach to this end with same amount and area of glue.

Allow the glue to sit for 30 seconds, until it gets really tacky and sticky. Line up the felt and press it into place. Run your hand over the area of the cloth to apply pressure so that the felt secures tightly to the slate.

Choose one side of the table and apply the adhesive in the same manner. When working on these longer sides of the pool table, you may want to work in smaller sections, so that the glue does not completely dry before you reach the other end.

Repeat the gluing process for all four sides of the pool table. Allow the adhesive to dry (this can take two to three hours) before continuing with your assembly.


Take your time when working through gluing your pool table felt. Gluing one side crooked will mean that you have to restart the whole project. You may want to have a friend help you line up the edges of the felt to be sure your tabletop is straight and even. If glue is not an option, you can use a staple gun to attach your pool table felt to your slate. Staple each edge starting from the centre, with staples placed four to six inches apart.

Things You'll Need

  • Pool table adhesive
  • Pool table felt
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