How to change the security code for ADT systems

Updated February 21, 2017

A home security system can protect you and your loved ones from unwanted intruders. Understanding how to operate the system and changing codes as needed is essential for home security. For owners of ADT systems, learning how to change the security code can be a simple process. Most ADT systems do not allow you to change the master code, but a wide variety of user codes can be programmed and changed on a regular basis.

Enter the necessary starting sequence. For most ADT systems this means entering "*5" and your master code. For other systems you may have to enter your master code followed by the "8" key. Refer to your specific system's documentation for the exact starting sequence.

Enter the number you want to designate for your security code. Most ADT systems allow you to enter multiple security codes, so you must designate them with a number. Press "01" if this is the first security code you have entered.

Enter your desired security code. The alarm will beep and the new code will be programmed.

Test the new code by arming the alarm and using the new code to deactivate it.

Contact ADT if you encounter any problems at (888) ADT-ASAP.


If you want to change the master code for your system, contact ADT.


Never give your master code to anyone. Always use security codes if other users will be accessing the alarm system.

Things You'll Need

  • Master code for your ADT system
  • Desired new security code
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