How to Replace Oven Door Hinges on a Built in Oven

Built in ovens are an attractive addition to the kitchen. However, after years of use, the hinges may become loose or bent. Replacing the oven door hinges is a relatively straightforward task. Purchase and install replacement hinges and you will have your oven door working like new.

Turn the circuit breaker off to the built in oven. The circuit breaker is in the home electrical panel. Although you will not be working with any electrical components, it is good safety practice to turn the power off to the appliance.

Open the oven door fully. Locate the hinge on each side of the oven door. There is a hinge lock at the end of each hinge in the door. Insert a flathead screwdriver in the door above the hinge and pry the hinge lock up to disengage the hinge.

Grab the door on both sides with your hands. Lift the bottom of the door up to disengage the hinges from the supports inside the oven. Lower the top of the door down while lifting the bottom to rotate the hinges away from the supports. Pull the door out of the oven and set the door on a flat surface with the inside facing up.

Locate the two screws that secure the hinge to the door. The screws will be on the side of the hinge plate. Remove the screws with a Phillips-head screwdriver.

Pull the hinge plate off of the door and slide the hinge out of the door. Set the new hinge in place and reattach the hinge plate using the retaining screws to secure the plate. Set both hinges into the unlock position by lifting the locking mechanism up like in Step #2.

Lift the door up and set the bottom of the door hinges into the oven body. Lift up on the bottom of the oven door while allowing the top of the door to angle down. Position the hinges over the hinge supports inside the oven body.

Press the bottom of the door in and down while lifting the top of the door up. Once the hinges have engaged the supports, press the locking mechanisms down on the door. Close the oven door and turn the circuit breaker back on to the oven.


Always disconnect power to electrical appliances before attempting repairs.

Things You'll Need

  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Replacement hinges
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