How to Tell When a Guy Likes You: The Signs to Look For

Updated February 16, 2017

You think you have a lot in common with that cute guy in class or at work, and you wonder if he thinks so, too. Some men are very good at hiding their attraction for you, but many give off "signals" through their body language and the way they talk to you. By paying attention to these subtle signs, you can find out a man's true feelings for you.

Look at his eyes. A man who likes you often shyly averts his eyes if you catch him staring at you. During a conversation, check to see if his pupils dilate. This indicates he is happy or excited.

Check for signs of nervousness when he talks to you. If his Adam's apple bobs up and down during a conversation, he is likely nervous. Other signs of a nervousness include stuttering during a conversation or sweating.

Analyse his appearance. If he always dresses well and is neatly groomed, he may be trying to impress someone, possibly you. Men who try to stand up tall and tuck in their stomachs are subconsciously trying to get your attention.

Listen to the things he says. If he asks to hang out with your friends or study with you, he is probably interested. He may try to find out if you are already in a relationship by asking subtle questions.

Check your e-mail and phone messages. If a man has your contact information and he likes you, he may call and e-mail you much more than necessary.

Notice whether he touches you a lot. A man who likes you may touch your arm when making a joke or offer a hug when he has to leave.


A man may really like you, but be too shy to ask you out. If you are sure of his feelings, take the initiative and ask him out yourself.

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