How to Connect a Satellite Receiver to Multiple TVs

Updated February 21, 2017

So, you want to connect a satellite receiver to multiple televisions. One of the great downsides to satellite television versus cable television is that sometimes you can hook up a television to cable without a dedicated receiver, you can not with satellite. Each television needs its own satellite receiver, and each receiver will give you an additional monthly charge on your bill. However, with a simple wire addition, you can have one receiver run two or more televisions

Locate the satellite out coaxial output on the back of your satellite receiver. This will be a small round silver screw with a pinhole in the middle. If there is a wire attached, trace it to the other end (likely in one of your televisions) and disconnect it. If not, add one of your coaxial wires to this port.

Connect the coaxial wire from the satellite receiver to the input on your coaxial splitter.

Connect another coaxial wire to one of the outputs on your coaxial splitter, then connect the other end to one of your televisions. Repeat for each television.

Set your television(s) to channel three. You should now be receiving a signal from your satellite receiver on each of your televisions.

Things You'll Need

  • Installed and wired satellite dish
  • Satellite receiver
  • Coaxial splitter with one output for each television
  • Coaxial wire for each television plus one
  • 2 or more televisions
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