How to Program a Wayne Dalton Remote Opener

Updated February 21, 2017

Wayne Dalton garage door openers are mechanical openers that make it easier to enter and exit your garage. The garage door openers are operated with three-button remote control. Each remote control has a special code that needs to be recorded by the garage door opener power unit in order for it to operate the garage door opener. The three buttons can be programmed to operate up to three different garage door openers at one location.

Press and hold the biggest remote control button until the indicator light turns on and remains lit. At first, the indicator light will blink rapidly. Your Wayne Dalton power unit is now ready to record the remote control code.

Push the "Program" button on the power unit of your garage door opener attached to the ceiling of your garage. If you own a DoorMaster garage door opener, the "Program" button is located on the light fixture. The indicator light will turn on the power unit or you will hear a beep, indicating the power unit is ready to record the remote control.

Select the button on the remote control you want to use to open and close the door and press it. The indicator light will turn off on the power unit or you will hear a beep. If using the "DoorMaster," press the remote control button a second time.

Test the remote control by pressing the button you programmed.

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