How to Give Kindle Books

Updated July 20, 2017

Kindle reading devices are among the most popular items available on Amazon has recently made available a beta-release application that allows you to receive and view Kindle books on your PC, Mac or iPhone. Kindle content cannot be given directly as a gift under the Kindle Licensing Agreement and Terms of Use. However, you can still give Kindle books using Amazon gift cards, promotional certificates and second-party gift tokens.

Go to and click on "Gift Cards." This will bring up a menu offering several different options such as e-mailing, printing or mailing your gift card. You can also choose from various seasonal designs for holidays, birthdays and even corporate cards to give to your employees. You can even send your e-mail gift cards along with a free e-card greeting courtesy of HD greetings.

Choose your gift card. You will then arrive at a page called "Customize Your Card." On this page, there is a special selection for Kindle products. Select your design, then fill out the form with the dollar amount, number of cards, e-mail address you are sending cards to, as well as your personalised greeting and message to recipient. You can also schedule the delivery date.

Carefully read Amazon's terms and conditions before you check out. This step is often overlooked by most online shoppers, but is very important. It provides information about product eligibility, limitations, returns, loss, liability and fraud. You can also find out about general policy rules on gift card expiration dates.

Click on checkout. This will take you to sign into your account. Here you will select payment type including applying any e-certificates or other promotional offers. Confirm purchase.


Check periodically to see updates for promotional offers.

Things You'll Need

  • Amazon account
  • Name/address of recipient
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