How to Build a Golf Driving Range

Written by kristian smith | 13/05/2017
How to Build a Golf Driving Range
A long, narrow strip of land makes an ideal location for a driving range. (Driving Range image by msw from

Driving ranges provide a venue for golfers to practice their passion, and for those who can't find the time for a round of golf at their favourite course or who don't want to dig that deep into their wallets, beating a bucket of balls at the range is the next best thing. Because of this, driving ranges have become almost as popular as golf courses. If you have the opportunity to purchase a large enough parcel of land, operating a driving range could be a worthwhile business venture.

Purchase land suitable to be developed into a driving range. Many driving ranges accommodate players hitting shots more than 300 yards, so the property should be that length and have additional space for parking. Until the property is secured, avoid further investment.

Consult with an architect and lay out a plan for your driving range. This should include a structure that has several bays for golfers to hit from, as well as a clubhouse or small shop. An architect experienced in designing golf courses could add prestige to your range.

Build the driving range structure. Install vending machines that dispense golf balls; that will reduce your manpower requirements.

Lay out distance markers every 50 yards, so players can see how far they have hit. Erect high netting on both sides of the range to contain wayward shots. If you have a shorter piece of land, you may want to erect netting at the end of the range as well.

Install high-power lightning if you would like your driving range to be available at night. You should install enough lighting to evenly illuminate the entire range.

Install a sprinkler system, and contract a company to sow grass seed or lay quality turf.

Leave the grass to grow. Regularly water until it is ready to cut; this depends upon the type of seed used.

Open for business. Construction through grass care to opening should take around a year. Consider promotions to attract customers, such as a "First Day Free" offer.

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