How to Untangle Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic wigs are an affordable alternative to human hair wigs. One of the only downsides to owning a synthetic wig is that they have the tendency to tangle. When a synthetic wig becomes tangled, do not throw it away or try to untangle it with human hair care products. Instead use products designed specifically for synthetic hair use. You can find synthetic hair care products at many beauty supply stores and, when used correctly, they can restore your synthetic wigs to like-new condition.

Fill a sink with cold water, and soak the wig for approximately two minutes. Remove the wig from the water, and condition it with conditioner designed for use on synthetic hair. Leave the synthetic hair conditioner on the wig for 5 to 7 minutes before rinsing it in cold water. After completely removing all traces of conditioner, begin carefully removing remaining tangles with a wig comb.

Place the synthetic wig on a wig stand to dry. Spray the wig liberally with leave-in conditioner (concentrating on the remaining tangles) and leave it to dry overnight. Check on the wig periodically to see if more leave-in conditioner is needed.

Once the wig has completely dried, brush it out with a wig brush. Do not use a brush meant for human hair or daily use since this will split the wig's hair follicles. If necessary apply more leave-in conditioners to the remaining tangled areas, and brush again before storing the wig. Keep the wig on a wig stand to help prevent future tangles.


It may sometimes be necessary to repeat the steps two or three times to completely untangle matted synthetic wigs.

Things You'll Need

  • Synthetic hair conditioner
  • Wig comb
  • Wig stand
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