How to set up a microbrewery business

Updated April 17, 2017

A microbrewery is a brewery that produces less than fifteen thousand barrels of beer a year. Because of a down turned economy and rampant job loss, setting up a microbrewery takes on inspiring appeal. A craft brewery is not easy work. It's a full time job, sometimes running around the clock. U.S. Federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau impose strict regulations. Requirements vary from state to state, and counties regulate licenses and activities as per two thousand to two thousand five hundred people. Brewing cannot begin until proper permits, insurances and licenses are applied for and approved.

Write a business plan describing your business, your competition, and operations. Make a financial list of capital, loans, income and profit and loss projections; in detail by month for the first year, and then by quarters for the second and third years.

Gather your team of office, marketing and sales, clean up and labour crews.

Sanitise everything in your brewery from floor to ceiling. Use bleach, or ammonia, and then rinse thoroughly. Dry inside the tanks completely.

Test your recipe to know that most people enjoy drinking your beer. Your brew should have a dependable taste bottle after bottle.

Decide how much beer your company will produce in a year. Buy a complete small brewery, or purchase equipment separately. Add a manual or semi-automatic bottling system. It also washes, rinses, fills, caps, labels and also packages your bottles.

Promote, market, and sell your beer. Choose a captivating name and label. Deliver your beer yourself within a one hundred mile radius and find a distributor for broader delivery.


Save much trial, error, and expense by studying your business first. Do a market analysis to learn if the economy and the people in your locale can support another brewery. Purchase and transfer a liquor license from a company going out of business if your county liquor licenses are maxed out. Start small and grow your brewery to suit your demand. Create a need. Make your business venture creative and unique.


Do not mix ammonia with bleach. It will create a harmful, deadly gas. Do not use poison rodent bait inside the brewery. Change with the market. You will need to produce what people are buying. Expect to work hard, lifting, carrying, stocking, and loading. Prepare for inspections so there is no interruption in your productivity.

Things You'll Need

  • Business Plan
  • Get help
  • Sanitation
  • Recipes
  • Equipment
  • Marketing
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