How to mark a snooker table

Updated November 21, 2016

Snooker can be a fun pastime or a nail-biting sport. When deciding to mark up your table for snooker or billiards, you'll need to know how to mark the cloth or felt surface correctly. Mark the table either before the slate and cloth is installed or after it's been assembled.

Source a snooker table marking chart. Several websites offer print-outs of the official 3.6 metre (12 foot) snooker table diagram as well as charts for other table sizes.

Measure out the blue ball centre spot. Take the tape measure or your ruler and measure the distance between the two side pockets. Divide this in half, and use your marking pencil to mark a spot in the exact centre of the table. Make sure when marking the felt or cloth that the mark is a small cross no bigger than the snooker spots you plan to use. If the marks are bigger than the spots, you will see the markings on the table.

Mark the pink ball spot, which is found along the centre line of the table lengthwise. It is half way between the blue ball centre spot and the edge of the table. Mark it in the same way as the blue ball spot.

Mark the black ball spot. This is located along the same centre line as the pink ball spot and the blue ball centre spot. The size of the table will determine how far from the edge the black ball spot is to be marked. For instance, if the table is a full-sized, 3.6 metre (12 foot) table, then the black ball spot will go 32 cm (12 3/4 inches) from the edge.

Mark the baulk line. This is a solid line along the width of the table. Use your ruler to mark a straight, level line across the table.

Mark the brown ball spot along the baulk line where it intersects the centre line but on the other half of the slate. Do not draw the lengthwise centre line, only draw the line across the width that will form the baulk line.

Use your snooker marking stick. This is a pivot tool that has one hole on one side used to pivot the tool around and multiple holes on the other side that are labelled with snooker table lengths. Place your screwdriver into the pivot hole of the tool and hold it snugly, yet directly, on the brown ball spot mark. On the other side of the tool, place your marker in the hole that corresponds to the length of your table. Create a "D" shape -- or semicircle -- from the baulk line towards the closest edge.

Place a snooker spot on every cross mark that you made. Your goal is to cover the marks you made on the cloth.

Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure
  • Marker pencil
  • Snooker "D" marking stick
  • Pack of spots
  • Screwdriver
  • Table markings chart
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