How to Reinforce Fence Gate Posts

Updated March 23, 2017

Over time, fences may begin to sag or become weak in certain areas due to general wear and tear and weather. Instead of replacing the entire fence area, you can reinforce that particular part of the fence to help keep it in place. This process can be done rather easily with some simple tools and can be completed in about 15 minutes.

Locate the best place to install your metal reinforcement. Typically, the best place to install reinforcement to fence gates is right next to the fence gate posts themselves. You will want to be sure to install them in a place that does not interfere with the gate.

Dig two holes, 2 1/2 feet deep, in the location where you will be installing the reinforcement rods. The location of the rods will need to be right up against the gate posts themselves, with very little room in between.

Install the metal reinforcement rods into each of the holes. Push all of the dirt back into the holes to help keep the rods in place while you finish installing them.

Install three metal reinforcement brackets and accompanying screws on each of the metal rods using an electric screwdriver. Place one bracket at the bottom, one in the middle and one more at the top. Then attach the metal rod with the accompanying brackets to the fence post itself. This will help reinforce the strength of the metal rods and the fence post.

Tightly pack the dirt around the metal rod reinforcements to be sure you have a tight seal. Also check each screw to be sure it is tightly in place on each of the rods.


For severe problems with your fence gate, you may want to consider also installing a base of cement in the 2 1/2 foot deep hole that will hold your metal reinforcement rods. This will add an extra layer of protection, especially if the ground around your fence is very soft or prone to flooding issues.

Things You'll Need

  • Shovel
  • 6 galvanised metal support brackets and screws
  • 2 metal support rods (at least two feet longer than the height of your fence)
  • Electric screwdriver


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