How to Make a Jungle Background out of Construction Paper

Updated April 17, 2017

It is always a fun experience transforming a plain piece of coloured construction paper into something extraordinary. The possibilities for what you can create are endless. Making a jungle background is an exciting and fun project. Use colour and shapes to make it intriguing. Imagine an Amazon rainforest or a jungle deep in the heart of Africa, with lush foliage and fruit trees. Add flowers and large canopy leaves to your tall towering trees and you are well on your way to an amazing display.

Turn two pieces of green construction paper lengthwise. Glue them together. Turn two blue pieces lengthwise and glue them together. Glue the blue pieces to the top of the green pieces to make a large square.

Start to cut out things while the large square you just made dries. Use brown paper and create some tree trunks. Look on a website to find some ideas about what kinds of trees grow in the jungle and how their trunks are shaped. Cut a wide base for these trees, like you will find in a jungle.

Cut out some green leaves. Use a wide oval or a heart shape. Use any kind of leaf shapes you like. Glue the brown trunks all over your background. Be sure the blue is on top because that will be the sky. Cover the blue with a lot of leaves because the view from the ground of the jungle makes it difficult to see the sky.

Cut out some small coloured circles. Crumple them up and glue them together in clusters to look like a flower bush. Cut some green strips of paper. Shred them with the scissors by cutting little slits side by side. Be sure to keep the strips attached to the bottom of the paper, so do not cut too far down.

Glue your grass strips to the bottom of the green. Cut out some bananas with the yellow paper. Glue them in the trees you made earlier. Add some coconuts to the trees and make berries with little blue and purple dots.


Use a lot of colours, such as orange, yellow and pink, for the flowers. Use different shades of green to break up the leaves and make it a bit more realistic. Glue sticks can be really handy for small kids because they can use it by themselves.


Help kids with scissors so they do not cut themselves.

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