How to decorate bird cages for a wedding

Updated April 17, 2017

Adding special touches to wedding decor often involves incorporating personal style, specific themes and preferences. Whether your wedding theme embodies a whimsical, enchanted forest or pays homage to your favourite exotic birds, they can be taken and used throughout wedding events. Bird cages can be found at craft shops, vintage boutiques and antique stores. Their shape and size make for versatile decor that will help your wedding stand out. Bird cages can even serve as party favours for a wedding your guests are sure to remember.

A clever way to incorporate bird cages into a wedding is to use them as beautiful centrepieces for your reception tables. The hollow cage centre and wire structure make them ideal for decoration. Wrap the bars with silk flowers or budding branches. Loop the branches through the wire, wrapping a portion around the wire, and pass it through the other side.

Fill the interior of the bird cages with flower petals or feathers. Add enough flowers to cover the bottom of the cages for a soft effect.

Add strings of faux diamonds or crystals to the exterior for sparkle. Use a hot glue gun to secure individual gems to the exterior.

Use small bird cages for placement cards. Spray paint the bird cages to match your wedding colours. Apply enough paint to cover the cages completely. Divide the bird cages into different groups so each group can represent one of your wedding colours.

Add a finishing touch to the birdcages by tying each one with a ribbon.

Align the bird cages neatly on a decorated table near the entrance.

Place individual placement cards inside the cages. Guests can retrieve them so they know where they will be sitting at the reception.

Loop ribbon through the top of small birdcages and tie it at the top in a bow.

Adorn end tables or chairs with the bird cages. Place the cages high enough on chairs so that they can be seen.

Wrap the ribbon around the arm rests of the chairs so they stay in place. Make sure the ribbons are tied so they are all symmetrical.

Purchase a bird cage large enough to hold envelopes with money and cards you will receive at your wedding.

Paint the cage and decorate it in your wedding colours.

Arrange your bird cage wedding card holder on the reception table. Make sure it is in an area where your guests will know where to find it.

Things You'll Need

  • Silk petals
  • Flowers
  • Artificial branches
  • Feathers
  • Faux crystals and diamonds
  • Hot glue gun
  • Paint


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