How to Convert Part of the Garage Into a Office

Updated July 20, 2017

When converting part of a garage into an office, there are several considerations. If you are using the partial space to receive visitors to your home business, you will need to assure there is a reasonable amount of off-street parking. If you have plans to make your partial office a commercial enterprise, you will need to check with your city government and determine what rules and regulations might apply. Using the garage area to create office space is a good idea as related construction costs are not nearly as expensive as opting for an addition to your current structure.

Get necessary building permits. When converting part of the garage into an office you may wish to find out if the improvement requires a building permit. It really depends upon the rules and regulations in your specific county. Contact the city government office or do some research on their website online for more information.

Check the plumbing and electricity that is available. One positive aspect of partially converting a garage into an office, especially in the case of attached garages, is that the plumbing and electricity is already in place and in many cases you can easily tap into the current set-up. Make certain you know where the electrical and plumbing lines are located so that you may easily direct your plumber and electrician to them.

Receive bids from contractors. After you've picked a contractor, you will want to remove everything from your garage. You'll want to do so because once construction begins, the items you have inside the garage can easily become damaged from the construction debris.

Consider installing windows. Something many people do not think about when converting a garage into an office is the need for natural light. Within the planning stages, you will want to make some provision allowing natural light into the area you'll be working. You do not want to conduct business or work in an area that is dimly lit or does not provide a positive environment.

Add insulation to the garage. While you are in the planning stages of the construction, you certainly will want to give consideration to adding insulation to the garage. By insulating the surrounding walls you will be able to ensure that the office acts as liveable space. This is particularly important if you are located within a colder area of the country. The insulation will also serve to further reduce your energy costs.

Leave room for your car. Another reason converting half the garage into an office is such a great idea is that it still allows you with additional space to park your car. This is particularly true if you are making the conversion within a double garage. With respect to a partial conversion you will want to include a partition wall. The partition wall is essential so that you have the peace and quiet that is necessary to complete your work.

Install security features if necessary. Because the garage-office technically offers separate access from the rest of the house, you may wish to include security features, such as well-fitted security doors and a burglar alarm.

Things You'll Need

  • Contracting bids
  • Available funds
  • Building permit
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