How to use the coil spring exercise bar

Updated April 17, 2017

The spring coil exercise bar, sold under the brand name Power Twister (among others) in sports and martial arts magazines from the late 1960s until at least the late 1980s, consists of two solid bars—wooden, plastic or lightweight metal—connected by a spring coil. It has been sold on TV and from department stores as a low-cost piece of exercise equipment; now, of course, it's widely available on the internet. It's specifically designed for use in building upper body strength and endurance with high-repetition workouts. With consistent training, you'll build strong, well-developed muscles. Follow a regular schedule of exercise with it and you'll see and feel results, without the high cost of gym membership.

Warm up your body with ten minutes of light walking, slow jumprope, callisthenics or any other light exercise that raises your body's core temperature. Don't stretch; move lightly until you can feel that your muscles are limbered up and your body feels pleasantly warm.

Stand and hold the spring coil exercise bar horizontally at arm's length in front of your chest. Hold it in an overhand grip, with your hands on the bars. Keeping the centre of the spring coil exercise bar in place in front of you, bend the two handles together. Repeat until your chest and latissimus dorsi muscles (the muscles that run along the sides and back of your torso) are well tired out.

Hold the bar in an overhand grip with your left hand at your stomach. With your right hand, pull the other end back, performing a rowing motion. Repeat until your right latissimus dorsi is well tired out. Repeat on the other side.

Hold the bar in an underhand grip with your left hand positioned at the right side of your chest. Let the bar point downward across your right side. Grip the other end of the bar in an overhand grip with your right hand and bend it upward, working your right shoulder muscles. Repeat until your right shoulder muscles are tired. Then repeat on the other side.

Grab the bar with your left hand in an underhand grip. Sit down and hold it against the left side of your chest with the rest of the bar pointed down across your lap toward the floor on your right side. With your right hand, grab the bar with an underhand grip and lift it upward, working your right bicep. Repeat until your right bicep is very tired. Then repeat on the other side.

Stand up and hold the spring coil exercise bar in your right hand. Your left hand doesn't touch the bar. Point the bar at about a 45-degree angle toward the floor. Slowly, gently rotate your wrist. The end of the bar should describe a rough circle over and over. Continue until your right forearm is tired. Then rest a few seconds and reverse the direction of the rotation until your right forearm is tired again. Repeat the process on the other side, using your left forearm.


Always warm up before exercising. Don't stretch when your body is cold. Begin your exercise gently. After a few weeks, you can increase the intensity more safely. Never exercise when your muscles are sore. Rest at least two days between intense workouts, or until your muscles are not sore at all.


Talk to a doctor before exercising strenuously. Exercise gently, especially at first. Never do exercise that hurts. Never force a motion which is not comfortable for your joints and muscles.

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