How to Convert a Garage to an Office

Updated April 17, 2017

Your garage space can offer a much more functional space than a mere storage room: Convert it into a home office. The somewhat removed location of a garage provides an ambient sanctuary of privacy away from the possible external distractions inherent in establishing an office inside your home. Soup up your garage with a handful of simple steps that will have you working in privacy sooner than you think.

Devise a budget for your remodelling project that includes all materials and furniture you will need to transform your garage into your new office. Then begin designing your office. Choose a colour scheme and style; you may choose to hire an interior designer to assist with design phase.

Clear your garage of everything, including any cars. Give the garage a thorough cleaning from top to bottom to remove loose debris and dust. Vacuum the floor and wipe down all surfaces---including floor and shelving units.

Paint the walls---especially if existing paint has began to peel or crack.

Research alarms and security systems, and purchase one for your new office. The somewhat removed location of your garage office provides an opportunity for easy infiltration. Install a security system to prevent your daily work and confidential files from becoming compromised or a target of vandalism.

Match office furniture with your chosen style and colour scheme in mind. Pieces to consider include a desk, office chair, computer or laptop, printer, copy and fax machines, desk organisers and, if necessary, additional shelving units. If you plan on enlarging your office space for meeting prospective clients, purchase additional chairs. If your job requires a lot of filing, ypurchase a filing cabinet. To help keep you within your budget, incorporate furniture you already own.

Move larger pieces of furniture into place, then work smaller ones in. Personalise your new office with photos, trinkets and other pieces of decor.


Leave a clearance of 12 or more inches away from the garage door. Items that fall in the line of the garage door may incur damages when it comes down.

Things You'll Need

  • Calculator
  • Rags or towels for dusting
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Office furniture
  • Paint and paint trays (optional)
  • Paintbrushes (optional)
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