How to tie the rings on a ring bearer pillow

Updated April 17, 2017

It is tradition for the ring bearer to hold the rings during the wedding ceremony before the priest asks the couple to exchange rings during the vows. But because the ring bearer is usually a young child, it is important to make sure he doesn't lose such precious items. An ideal ring bearer pillow should keep the rings safely in place so the bride and groom can be assured the rings won't be misplaced in transit down the aisle. How the rings are attached to the pillow can make all the difference.

Get a ring bearer pillow with two ribbons sewn into the fabric.

Stick one ribbon through one ring and the other ribbon through the other ring.

Tie the ribbons in a bow, then repeat so you have a double knot bow. Or stick a long corsage pin through the end of one of the ribbons and into the fabric of the pillow. Repeat for the other ribbon.

Hand the pillow to the ring bearer right before he is about to walk down the aisle.


Practice tying the rings several times beforehand to ensure they are secure.

Things You'll Need

  • Long corsage pins
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