How to Write a Thank You Card to the Clergy

Updated February 21, 2017

Write a thank-you card to a cleric of your church for any service, personal attention, or task he or she has performed that helped you. Perhaps a clergy member spoke at a loved one's funeral, presided over your marriage, performed your baptism or your children's baptism, gave you personal counsel, or simply delivered a sermon that had an impact on you.

Choose a card or paper with a religious image, theme, or symbol or use blank cardstock. Your choice should allow you enough room to write out your thoughts. Place a ruler straight on the paper to use as a guide to keep your words straight. Use your very best handwriting.

Address the letter with an appropriate opening. Write something such as "Dear Father Benson" -- or whatever the person's proper title is. Take care to confirm the spelling of the cleric's name as well as his or her exact title. Many people confuse "Father" with deacons, bishops, and monsignors or use "Reverend" for "Pastor" or vice versa. Be respectful and courteous.

Thank him or her with your opening sentence in a specific manner. Examples: "Thank you so very much for speaking at my sister's funeral" or "Thank you for the beautiful sermon you gave last Sunday."

Add more details letting him or her know exactly what you are thankful for, how it affected you, and how much it meant. Use the word "you" more than "I," since this is to recognise and thank the cleric, not draw attention to yourself. For example: "Dear Pastor Jenkins, Thank you so much for counselling me through the personal struggles I've been dealing with lately. The scriptures you've shared with me were exactly what was needed. You've helped lift the burden with your kind words and helped me see the path I need to take with your wisdom. Thank you again. Sarah James"

Close your thank-you card with a respectful word or phrase, perhaps an image of shared faith (such as "In Christ") as well as signing your name. Include your favourite scriptural passage, if you desire.


Send the thank-you card within two weeks of the event you are thanking your clergy member for. Even if the event is something difficult, such as a funeral, take the time to write at least this one thank-you card. Etiquette is often forgotten in this fast-paced, electronic-driven world we live in; but your note of gratitude will most likely connect with the cleric you are thanking because of the sincerity and warmth a written thank-you note can transmit.


Do not ask for any further services, advice, or anything else. Do not extend an invitation or include anything other than thanking the cleric.

Things You'll Need

  • Cardstock or paper
  • Ruler
  • Pen
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