How to Make a Light Fixture From Empty Beer Bottles

Updated April 17, 2017

Empty beer bottles don’t have to be thrown out, you can recycle them and make an amazing chandelier light for your home. Hang it in your bar, game room or even over the kitchen table. Sure to be a conversation piece, a beer bottle chandelier is a unique decoration that helps recycle and adds to your home at the same time.

Collect several beer bottles. Try to either get a variety of colours and brands or all of one, your choice. A variety of colours looks great with the light shining through the bottles because it creates a multi-coloured effect. Or choose all of one type of beer bottle so it matches and looks uniform in design.

Wash the bottles out thoroughly. Set upside down on a drying rack and let dry for at least one full day to ensure all the moisture evaporates.

Purchase a bottle chandelier kit. See the link in the resources section for a site that sells a variety of these.

Assemble the chandelier according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Arrange the bottles on the chandelier. Make sure they are secure in their slots. If using a variety of bottles, pay attention to the pattern or colour design as you arrange the bottles.

Place light bulbs into the centre of the chandelier frame. Mount the chandelier into a ceiling light fixture.


Do not assemble or plug in the light fixture if the bottles are still wet or damp, you could be electrocuted.

Things You'll Need

  • Empty beer bottles
  • Drying rack
  • Bottle chandelier kit
  • Tool kit
  • Light bulbs
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