How to cover up varicose veins

Updated November 21, 2016

Varicose veins are often raised above the surface of the skin and can be dark purple or blue in colour. Standard concealers and foundations usually do not provide enough coverage to completely cover these veins. You need to use a high-pigment, full-coverage opaque make-up. These foundations can be purchased at some drug stores and department-store beauty counters or found on the internet.

Purchase high-pigment, opaque make-up in a shade as close to your natural skin tone as possible. This make-up will not allow your natural skin colour to show through, so the wrong shade will look unnatural and draw attention to the area.

Apply the make-up generously to the vein and the surrounding area. Smooth the sides of the application area with your hands to blend the make-up into your skin. You need to blur the line of demarcation where the make-up stops and your bare skin begins to make the application appear more natural.

Allow the make-up to dry for several minutes. When it is fully dry, it shouldn't feel sticky to the touch.

Dust a setting powder over the make-up, using a large make-up brush. This will help the make-up stay in place and prevent it from rubbing off during the day.

Allow the setting powder to rest on the make-up for five minutes. Dust off any excess powder with the make-up brush.


A few examples of high pigment opaque make-up include Dermablend, ColorTration and Dermacolor. You can usually purchase setting powder along with the make-up. The powder is not necessary, but will extend how long the make-up lasts. Don't get dressed until the make-up application is complete and fully dried.

Things You'll Need

  • High-pigment opaque make-up
  • Setting powder
  • Large make-up brush
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