How to fix a leaning fence post

Updated February 21, 2017

Traditionally, fences are built out of wooden posts and slats. Over time, wooden fences can begin to sag and lean due to the shifting of the ground or wood rot. Leaning fence posts can pose a hazard to people in your yard and should be fixed as soon as possible.

Dig around the leaning fence post to make room on either side of the post. Stand the post upright and hold it straight.

Place one side of the FenceMendersleeve into the hole on one side of the post. Fit the post into the sleeve and attach the sleeve to the post with nails.

Place the other sleeve in the hole on the other side of the post and fit the post to the sleeve. Attach the post to the sleeve with nails.

Hold the post straight and fill the hole with dirt. Pack down the dirt so the post remains upright. Use a level to make sure it is straight.


Make sure you have help with this project. Fences can be very heavy and if you are not careful, you can hurt yourself if you're working alone.


Make sure your sleeve fits around the post snugly so you get a good fit. Otherwise, the sleeve will not function properly to hold the post up.

Things You'll Need

  • FenceMender sleeves
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Shovel
  • Level


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