How to Tighten Eyeglasses With No Screws

Updated April 17, 2017

Most eyeglass frames have screws that can be tightened if they loosen; however, some frames do not have screws and are adjusted in a different way. Glasses slide down and even fall off when the frame gets loose. You can adjust and tighten your frame in a few easy steps with some warm water and a little know-how -- and without a screwdriver.

Fill a sink or bowl with warm water. The water should feel warm to the touch but not so hot that you cannot touch it.

Soak your glasses in the water for at least one minute. The frame is more pliable when warmed.

Remove your glasses and hold the frame so the temples, the part of the frame that rests on your ears, are open and facing away from you.

Place both of your hands on the frame so your fingers rest on the inside of the frame at the bridge and your thumbs are on the outer edge of the frame front where the temples attach.

Press your thumbs away from you as you push your fingers toward you, bending the frame slightly and giving the frame front a slight curve. Hold the frame in this position for about 30 seconds. If necessary, repeat several times by soaking and reshaping the frame until you achieve the desired level of tightness with the frame.


Give a frame an even tighter fit by slightly bending the temples down more behind your ears. Put your glasses back in the warm water to heat the temples and gently bend the temples down.

Things You'll Need

  • Water
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