How to Dress to Cover Up Belly Fat

Written by jennifer malloy | 13/05/2017

Both men and women have concerns how to cover up unwanted belly fat when they dress. An understandable conclusion that many have is to cover up everything in large, loose clothing. But what you should be looking for are well-fitting clothes that give you a streamlined look. Don't hide away in sweat suits when you can dress to feel your best, even when you're carrying some extra weight.

Wear clothes that fit you well, and aren't too tight or too loose. Tight clothes will cling to bulges, emphasising them more. Loose, oversized clothes will just make you look larger.

Choose tops that draw attention away from the belly area. For men, this could be collared shirts or V-neck tops, which elongate the torso. For women, empire-seamed tops (when a seam runs right under the bustline) draw attention upwards, while the fabric under the seam floats away from the body, camouflaging a larger belly.

Wear trousers that have flat, not pleated, fronts. Pleats only add more volume. Women's trousers that have a side zipper and a flat front give a slimming illusion. Do not wear tight trousers to "hold in" extra fat.

Find jackets or sport coats that fit well in the shoulders and can button over the stomach area. Choose jackets that fall to mid-hip. Well-fitting jackets are flattering on men and women. They accentuate your shoulders, making them look wider, which draws attention away from the belly.

For women, wear skirts and dresses that have a slight A-line shape. The flare helps to balance out a larger stomach.

Avoid tops that have large patterns which will draw attention to your stomach. Instead, select small patterns that can camouflage bulges.


  • Don't worry about size numbers. Sizes vary by designer. Wear whatever size fits you best.

Tips and Warnings

  • Don't worry about size numbers. Sizes vary by designer. Wear whatever size fits you best.

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