How to Choose a Business Name for Your Massage Therapy Business

Updated March 23, 2017

Oddly enough, many entrepreneurs say that coming up with a name for their business was one of the hardest parts of getting started. Though a certain famous playwright has suggested that a thing by any other name would be just as fine, this simply isn't so in the business world. A good name can give a company a significant leg up on the competition, just as a bad name can be a handicap.

Start with your goal in mind. The purpose of your name is to catch attention, clearly state what you do and to convey some sense of how you do it. A massage therapy business name should convey comfort and safety. With massage therapy, you need to be aware of names that could be construed as innuendo.

Brainstorm, preferably with some friends or business partners, a list of potential names. Throughout the process, keep the rules from step 1 in mind. Some ideas might come from your style of massage (sports, therapeutic, shiatsu), your customer base (spa treatment seekers, athletes, businesspeople), your city or part of town, even your name. Also remember if you are affiliated with a major chain or school of massage, they might have specific restrictions on your name.

If it's not already taken, consider "(city name) Massage Therapy". This isn't very sexy, but it helps with search optimisation because it's likely to exactly match the first things your potential clients type into a search engine.

If you're not in a time crunch, let things sit for a few days after the brainstorming session. Work on other aspects of your start-up while the ideas you discussed percolate.

Go back to the list and select three to five names.

Check those names with your local business registry. In the U.S., this information is available at the state government level, from the same department where you'd get your business licenses or incorporation approval. Eliminate names that already exist in your area.

Check the remaining names on the Internet by typing in "www.(name).com" and "www.(name).net." Your goal here is to make certain the website with your business name is available. Eliminate any names from the list if that URL brings up a business in your community. If the exact name is already taken by a massage therapist far enough away, you can always vary it slightly. However, if one of the names is available as is, you probably have a winner.

With the information you got in steps 6 and 7, make your final decision.

Do a final check by running the name by several friends and relatives. If you have a good relationship with other massage therapists, run it by them as well.

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