How to Grow Passion Vine From Fruit Seeds

Passiflora edulis, also known as passion fruit vine or passion vine, is a beautiful flowering vine that produces small purple fruits with delicious yellow flesh. Cultivating this fairly hardy, quick-growing plant is simpler than you may think. You can easily grow passion fruit vines from seeds of the passion fruit or a clipping.

Peel a purple passion fruit and remove the seeds. Wash or eat the yellow pulp off the seeds and collect them in a bowl.

Plant the seeds immediately in pots filled with seed-raising mix. Plant multiple seeds in a single pot if desired. Space the seeds several centimetres apart to allow them room to grow. Lightly cover the passion fruit seeds with seed-raising mix and water gently to eliminate air bubbles in the soil. Store your newly planted passion fruit seeds in a warm location to germinate. Wait two to four weeks for your passion fruit seeds to sprout.

Transfer your passion fruit seedlings to separate containers once they are 2 inches or taller. Fill your individual pots with a rich potting soil and dig a small hole to accommodate the roots of your passion fruit plant. Lower your passion fruit plant into the hole and fill the hole about halfway full with potting soil. Lightly water your passion fruit plant, add the rest of the soil and water again. Use string to gently tie your passion fruit plant to small stakes to help them grow upright in the pot. Water your passion fruit vine seedlings as often as is necessary to keep the soil moist, but well-drained. In 12 months your passion fruit plants will begin to flower.

Transfer your passion fruit plants outside after they have begun to flower. Wait to transfer the plants until after the last frost. Choose a location for your passion fruit vine that receives several hours of full sun each day. If you live in a really warm climate, plant your passion fruit vine in a location that provides partial shade or rig your own shading system out of cheesecloth or similar. Plant your passion fruit vine near a fence or trellis to give the vine something to climb on. Repeat the planting process described in Step 3. Train your passion fruit vine to grow to your fence or trellis by securing it with string. Remove the string when your passion fruit vine begins to grow to the fence or trellis unassisted.


Fertilise your passion fruit vine with a time-release fertiliser up to four times a year to keep your plant nourished.


Keep the soil your passion fruit vine is planted in well drained to avoid the risk of root rot.

Things You'll Need

  • Whole passion fruit or passion fruit seeds
  • Several small to medium pots
  • Seed-raising mix
  • Potting soil
  • String
  • Small stakes
  • Shovel
  • Fertiliser
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