Spa Hot Towel Techniques

Updated April 17, 2017

A visit to the spa is a relaxing and soothing event after a long week. At many spas, a system of hot towels is applied to areas such as the face or legs, and you can easily re-create this at home, bringing a bit of the pampering to your own living room.


A warm washcloth can be draped over the face for a quick mini facial. Lie back and cover your face with the cloth, breathing in the steam it creates. This will open up your pores, and when you remove the towel and wash your face, you'll be able to remove more dirt and oil than when your pores were closed up.


At some spas, a hot towel treatment is applied to the legs during a pedicure to make the skin there soft. When you're treating yourself to an at-home pedicure, wrap a warm towel around each leg up to the knee. Leave the towel there until you've completed the pedicure, then unwrap the towels and apply lotion to your smooth legs.


A warm towel wiped over your hands and lower arms can be incorporated into a spa manicure. Before you start any part of your at-home manicure, rub a warm washcloth over your hands and arms. This will help remove any dirt or oil.


At some deluxe spas, warm towels will be rolled up and wrapped around your neck while you get a manicure or pedicure. This helps warm up you whole body and relaxes you as you breathe in the steam. Warm up your own hand towels at home and drape them around your neck for a quick relaxation session after a busy workday.

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