How to Correct Foot Supination

Updated April 17, 2017

Foot supination occurs when the foot rolls outward while standing, placing most of the weight of the body on the outside of the foot. Supination can cause shin splints, ankle sprains and stress fractures in the bones of the foot and legs if not cared for correctly.

Record yourself running toward a camera. This videotape will be useful if your condition worsens and/or a physician wants to know how long you’ve had this problem or how quickly your supination has progressed.

If you walk heavily or exercise frequently, get a new pair of running shoes with extra cushioning in the soles. Discuss options with the salesperson at the shoe store and see what they recommend for foot supination.

Fit your shoes with insoles or orthotics that provide comfortable arch support. Dr. Scholl's is a quality, over-the-counter brand of insole that increases comfort and decreases risk of injury.

If you continue to exercise or begin exercising, wrap your ankles with medical tape and consider buying knee braces to stabilise your bones that have less cushioning because of your supination.

If your condition persists or worsens, make an appointment with a doctor or podiatrist. You may be prescribed special insoles and orthotics for serious conditions.


Many people with foot supination will have persistent medical issues if the condition is not treated by a doctor or podiatrist.

Things You'll Need

  • Video camera
  • Video tape
  • Running shoes
  • Shoe insoles or orthotics
  • Medical tape
  • Knee braces
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