How to remove car door molding

Updated February 21, 2017

Cars come with lots of features that not everyone likes to use. Take car mouldings, for example. They're on the car to protect the door from door dings, but some look very gaudy. Fortunately, it's not very difficult to remove the mouldings, and it can be done fairly easily in an afternoon.

Park the vehicle outside in the sun and allow it to heat up for at least an hour. This will free up some of the moulding on the body and make it easier to bend.

Start at the end of the moulding and heat it up using the heat gun or hair dyer. If you're using a heat gun, put it on a low setting so you don't bubble the paint, and move the gun frequently.

Place the plastic putty knife between the moulding and the body and start to pull the moulding off of the vehicle. As soon as you can get your hands on it, pull the entire moulding back and off of the vehicle.

Insert the eraser wheel into the drill and set the drill to a low setting. If you try too fast, you'll burn the paint.

Apply the eraser wheel to the leftover tape using the drill. This is going to peel off any residual adhesive off of the paint, and if you use it at a slow speed, you'll get it all off without damaging the paint.


Eraser wheels can be purchased with special tools, or if you look around at autobody supply stores, with a drill attachment.

Things You'll Need

  • Heat gun or hair dryer
  • Plastic putty knife
  • Eraser wheel
  • Drill


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