How to Find a Resident Through the Yellow Pages

Updated March 23, 2017

Finding a person through the yellow pages has become very easy to do. The yellow pages now allows you to find a listed resident or business through both their print publication and through their online website. While not every resident is listed in the yellow pages, if they are, finding them can be very easily accomplished by following a few steps.

Search for a residents last name and first name. The printed and online versions of the yellow pages both allow you the option of finding a person by simply looking up their name. If you are using the printed local yellow pages, turn to the letter that their last name begins with and find their listed last name. Most (but not all) listed residents include a last name, first name, and phone number or address. Finding a resident by name through the online yellow pages can be done by visiting the online Yellow Pages at, selecting "Find a Person" by "Name" and typing in the desired person's first and last name.

Visit the yellow pages website at, select "Find a Person" by "Phone Number" and fill out the required information. You can use this to find a person if you know their phone number.

Find a resident with their address through the Yellow Pages. You can find a resident if you know their address by visiting the Yellow Pages website, selecting "Find a Person" by "Address" and filling out the necessary boxes.

Things You'll Need

  • Telephone book
  • Computer
  • Internet access
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